We design and install various robotic systems with new and second-hand robots

We offer customers both new and second-hand robots.
We provide theservice  warranty for the second-hand robots as well.


Robots implementation in companies gives :

  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Improving Performance
  • Production cost reduction (decreasing the number of employees)
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Automation of physically hard, hazardous and monotonous jobs
  • Flexibility for future changes – the system can be easily adapted to changes in products or production processes

Robotinių sistemų nuoma

Benefits :

  • No need to buy expensive equipment;
  • No need for labor search and hiring;
  • There is no employer’s obligations to its employees;
  • Cost savings work clothes and other personel maintenance expenses;
  • Service warranty for the whole rental period;

Installation and commissioning

Robotic system installation and commissioning at cliets location


Robot programming to perform all needed function according the settled technical task

Technical consultation and service